Grey cat eye(hands and feet nail set)

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24 pcs Press-on nails(Hands)

24 pcs Press-on nails(Feet)

24pcs Sticky pads*2

1 Nail file

1 Cuticle pusher

1 Nail glue

How to use
 1 Push back your cuticle with cuticle pusher

 2 Lightly buff nails with nail file

3 Dry up the nail with rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover

4 Choose a sticky tab that fits your nail size 

5 Place the sticky tab on your nails and then press the fake nails from bottom to top

How to remove
1. Soak nails in warm water for 2-3 minutes(Tips: Don't force or pull nails off)
2. Find a small gap and gently push the cuticle pusher into the nails


  1. Do not touch water within 2-3 hours after wearing
  2. The outer end of some nails may be slightly protruding due to production reasons, just use a nail file to grind it away

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